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Bioquant AFF is sprayed and immediately absorbed through the leaves.Inclusion of nutrients via the leaves costs almost no energy for the plant and is much more efficient than substrat fertilization.Substrate fertilization requires larger quantities than foliar fertilization for plant to provide needed nutrients.Foliar fertilization is therefore also more economical than substrate fertilization. Bioquant AFF ensures efficient absorption of nutrients, making optimal use of solar energy and increased photosynthesis with a long after-effect.  Bioquant AFF offers many possibilities for special circumstances and for specific high-quality crops. Bioquant AFF is the solution if absorption of the nutrients via the roots can not proceed optimally. Plants are very sensitive to Bioquant AFF and react immediately after administration. The grower then has a high interaction with the plant. After observation of an (expected) deficiency or desired increase in nutrients, an observable result immediately results after administration. Bioquant AFF differs from other (leaf) fertilizers by fast operation, purity, high levels and the addition of LEGUS technology. Bioquant LEGUS (Low Energy Gradient Uptake Stimulators) is an addition of trace elements and stimulants, developed for optimal nutrient efficiency.A good absorption is assured, even under more difficult circumstances.Bioquant LEGUS increases the availability and rapid absorption of nutrients.

Every grower wants the highest possible quality in the plant's results, maximum quantity in the shortest possible time.

It goes without saying that optimum results also require optimal conditions.However, circumstances can not always be optimal. Unexpectedly changing circumstances or systemic dependent conditionscan cause disruptions in conversions.

Bioquant AFF does not change the potential of the plant. Bioquant AFF can, however, optimize specific (conversion) processes in the event of disturbances of conversions as a result of changing or systemically dependent conditions.

All Bioquant AFF products contain sufficient micro elements. With consistent use of Bioquant AFF, the plant will never be short of micro elements. Too many micro-elements are always the result of improper dosing or extra administration with other products. Bio AFF is applied in which one or more climatic and / or physiological conditions deviate or are structurally and relatively disturbed. Applications can be found in outdoor grape varieties, greenhouse consumption crops and small-scale (private) cultures with many crop variations.


LED lighting has a very high adaptability and spectral range. The unique spectral range from Led is therefore particularly favorable for the plant and its processes in photosynthesis and can approach sunlight in a qualitative way. LED lighting hardly affects ambient temperatures. LED lighting sources provide insufficient heat to the environment, which can disrupt the plant in its evaporation cycle, resulting in a deviating moisture regulation and circulation. Partly the absorption of water and nutrients from the substrate depends on the evaporation cycle that generates an upward current. Disturbance of this cycle may result in shortages of nutrients in the plant. With Bioquant AFF, shortages are prevented and the plant continues to meet its nutrient requirements.

Maintenance fertilization

Source nutrients in substrates can quickly become depleted in intensive cultivation under forced climatic conditions and long-term crops on limited substrate volumes. Bioquant AFF supplements nutrients via the leaf that virtually no energy for the plant to absorb and saves nutrients in the substrate. For (preventive) correction fertilization. A hidden deficiency is a shortage of (a) nutrient element (s), but the crop does not yet show any deficiency symptoms. A (preventive) leaf spraying with Bioquant AFF is then a simple method to correct the hidden deficit. There are many factors that disrupt the absorption of nutritional elements such as unfavorable pH values, low soil temperatures and extreme dry or wet conditions.
Antagonism (opposite action) can also occur (for example, K + <-> NH 4 + or Ca 2+ <-> Mg 2+).

Bioquant AFF offers a fast and efficient solution.

Stress reduction

Stress situations such as bad weather conditions, heavy plant loads, treatment with plant protection products or cultivation treatments such as pruning and widening, are negative for the vigor and vitality.Bioquant AFF stimulates the crop and reduces the effects of stress.


Nutrient  boosting & fine tuning

For each stage of the plant and (climatological) circumstance an appropriate adaptation to get the maximum out of the plant from each phase. Each plant has different needs for amounts of nutrients and specific elements at any time in a cycle.A rapid change in nutrient requirements requires a rapid supply of these nutrients. Substrates have a slow adaptability and are slow to steer.  With Bioquant AFF it is possible to anticipate very quickly exactly the needs of the plant at any given time.

Efficient Cannabis Cultivation with foliar fertilization

  • Foliar fertilization dramatically increases the efficiency of your fertilization.

  • Soil nutrients are not always completely available.  This is due in particular to: leaching, soil fixations, blockages and other losses.  With foliar fertilization we can avoid these factors. Foliar fertilization applies the nutrients directly on the leaf,  where the plant mostly needs them.

  • With foliar applications all nutritional problems can be tackled because the leaf absorbs as well mayor elements, macro elements as micro nutrients .

  • Bioquant developed nutritional programs tailored to your crop. You will need to apply the different nutrients in the right  proportions at the right time. This assures an optimal result: and a higher yield

         of a superior quality.

The most important reasons for foliar fertilization:

  •  The optimal availability for your crop

          Nutrients from ordinary soil fertilizations are often totally

          or partially lost due to:

                -Secondary reactions (precipitation or adsorption onto  the soil complex)


                -Bad localization of the fertilizer


Foliar fertilization is thus more efficient because the chelated nutrients are fully plant available.


  • Weather resistant

        During cold periods when the soil does not sufficiently warm up,

        soil applications are useless because the plant roots are not  very active.

        If deficiencies occur or if you want to stimulate the growth  of your plants at that time, leaf applications are the best     

        solution. Foliar fertilization promotes thus the growth of your plants even in less favorable weather conditions.

  • Environmentally friendly

        The legislation on water pollution provoked by the leaching of fertilizers is becoming ever so more stringent.

        You must therefore take these strict rules into account. Foliar fertilization offers you the solution in this regard.

        The leaching of nitrates and other elements is strongly reduced if you completely or partially replace soil applications

        by foliar applications. You need to use a smaller total amount of fertilizers,  which are used more effectively, to maintain


        Foliar fertilization is an environmentally friendly solution.