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Bio Immulon L-Sa

Systemic preventive against common insects and infections of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi)

Systemic preventive treatment against adult crawling insects and root lice

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Bio Immulon Subsin

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Systemic preventive against false and real mildew

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Bio Immulon S-F

Systemic preventive against spider mites

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Bio Immulon PtS

Systemic preventive against leaf-eating insects among others, caterpillars, aphids, bugs, fleas, miners, leaf rollers,

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Bio Immulon Ison

AFF Ferron.png

Bio Immulon Ferron

Systemic preventive against white rust, blue fungus, phytophthora, leaf and branch phytophthora.

Systemic preventive treatment against soil parasites (larvae, nematodes)

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Bio Immulon Juvex

AFF Funex.png

Bio Immulon Funex

Systemic preventive treatment against fungi (Phytium,Ustilagae, Verticillium, Fusarium), fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)
and species of louse.


Bio-parallel continuous plant protection with concentrated agents of plant-own substances (saponins) for  ornamental and consumption cultivation.

Bio-parallel plant protection is a very good and safe alternative to the toxic pesticides currently used in agriculture and horticulture.